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Family Care at Thrive Family Chiropractic, LLC

Family in adjusting roomOur care isn’t only focused on pediatrics and prenatal alone, but the family as a whole! We are absolutely passionate about helping families live up to their God-Given potential-Moms, Dads and kids included.

Pretty much from the minute you have your first child you are pulled in a million directions. All while trying to prioritize healthy habits for us and our families.

It’s common that after consistent and routine care families experience improvements in

  • sleep
  • energy
  • health immune function
  • emotional regulation

And so much more!

Healthy Habits

Kids don’t learn healthy habits by words, but through our actions and example. So when our kids see us implementing healthy decisions for not only our health but theirs too.. they learn to value their health as well. In turn creating impact on many generations to come.

The smiling faces at the front is what really sets you all apart from other local chiropractors. Of course Dr. James is incredible too, but Jerricka was so helpful our first time when I had to bring my 3 kiddos by myself and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the help.
Emerson W.

Being an adult can be hard! We have so many plates that we are juggling from husband, wife, mom, dad, athlete, cook, accountant, etc. At Thrive Family Chiropractic, LLC we are here to help you relax and help you fulfill your potential. In order for each of us to perform at 100% we need to take care of our bodies.

Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

Those who have experienced care have noticed the following:

  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Immune System
  • Decrease in Allergies
  • Enhanced Work Experience
  • Elevated Mood
  • More Comfortable Days

One of the most common questions we get asked at Thrive Family Chiropractic, LLC is “Do you see adults too?” Absolutely! We see whole families and would love the opportunity to see how we can get your family thriving!

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