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Meet Dr. James Peterson

Dr. James

Starting Healthy Habits Early

When he was growing up, Dr. James became fascinated by the human body and nutrition. Along with six older brothers and two younger sisters, he lived a holistic, healthy lifestyle that included chiropractic care. At age 16, he took the initiative to do something unheard of by a teenager — he stopped eating all fast food and started thinking about becoming a nutritionist.

His wife, Jessica, worked for a chiropractor who Dr. James shadowed. He saw that his interest in nutrition went hand in hand with chiropractic care and decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. As he went through school, his love for the profession grew.

There’s so much potential in how I can help kids and families. Today’s children are part of the sickest generation. I want to help them get off the path of more interventions and medications and give them drug-free options to live a happy, healthy, epic life.”


Emphasizing Pediatric and Prenatal Care

The birth of Dr. James and Jessica’s first two daughters happened during his years of gaining a chiropractic education. He went through embryology and other related courses while his wife was going through the same changes he was learning about. Jessica was a chiropractic patient and had comfortable, successful pregnancies through the chiropractic care that improved her nervous system function. “Prenatal care ensures that you and your baby are operating at the highest possible levels, and it can influence a child’s entire life.”

Dr. James has taken courses through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and is a member of this organization. He’s also a part of Epic Practice and Epic Pediatrics, training weekly in pediatric and prenatal care.

Dr. Peterson with family

Enjoying an Active Family Life

Their three daughters, Justine, Jessamyn and Jaylee, have been under chiropractic care within days or even hours of their birth. Their spare time is spent together as a family, especially outdoors. They love getting to know the Springfield community area and exploring all that Missouri has to offer. They’re also highly active in their local house of worship — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Dr. James offers same-day appointments and convenient extended hours that work around your busy schedule. Contact us today to schedule your time with us!

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