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Colds, Cough, Congestion and Flu Season

Colds, Cough, & Congestion


5 Components of what exactly cold & flu season is

1. The season of increased sugar and carbs

*  holiday food, candy, pie, ice cream, gluten

* Most of us find an excuse to have party food year round too

*  We are staying inside more because its cold outside thus more likely to eat more food that may not be the healthiest

TIPS: Avoid sugar and extra carbs

2.  Stress!

* Holidays, family gatherings, parties, finances

* Being consistent with creating New Year’s Resolutions and 2019 Goals

TIPS: Prioritize, Get Adjusted, eat real food, stay active

3. Season of Lack of Sunshine

*  Think about how much sun exposure you actually get

*  We need natural Vit D during the winter months

TIPS: Hiking on warmer days, ride bikes with your kids, walk the neighborhood

4. Season of Lack of Physical Activity

* When life gets stressed, health and workouts 1st to go

* With the new year many of you likely have goals around health

TIPS: Get out and move! Find a time each day to walk, exercise or stretch

5. Season of Poor Sleep

* Schedules, stress, routines, over stimulated and overwhelmed we find that our sleep is affected

TIPS: Be sure to get adjusted regularly to calm the nervous system, good nutrition, habit of going to bed earlier, eliminate screen time before bed

5 Tips to stay Healthy and Fight that cold in record time

1. Increase ADAPTABILITY- Recommend Chiropractic Care…getting checked regularly

2. EAT Healthy

*  Eat real food instead of food-like products

*  Limit chemical exposure


* Not only strengthen muscles, but literally charges our brain

*  Movement allows and supports the body’s own ability to get crud and stuff out

*  We are made to move

4.  Keeping up with supplements

* High quality!!


*  There is so much to be happy for

* Take 15 or so minutes to create a list of all the blessings you have

* Happiness is contagious :)

* Surround yourself with other happy people

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