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CONSTIPATION! All stopped up!

Constipation! So many infants, children, and adults are taking laxatives DAILY! What if this wasn’t necessary?

Chiropractic provides a safe and gentle means of keeping your body functioning optimally.

We often get stuck on the assumption that constipation or any symptom for that matter is the problem. Constipation or symptoms in general are the result of a problem somewhere else; in the nervous system. Can we all agree that the nervous system is the Master Control system? It controls every body function. In order for us to be self healing, self maintaining and self regulating the nervous system must have a two way communication from the brain to the body and vise versa. So if the nervous system, which controls digestion, has interference between that brain body connection, say maybe the Vagus Nerve, what do you think will happen? You got it! Dysfunction and symptoms! So a result of that is constipation.

Chiropractic seeks to find that interference in the spinal column; which is called a vertebral subluxation(nerve interference). A series of specific gentle chiropractic adjustments remove restore the brain body connection thus allowing the nervous system to be self healing self maintaining and self regulating again.   In the link below is link below is a study about how chiropractic relieves constipation.  Go check it out :)




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