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Drug-Free Options for Families


We are helping families create a lifestyle of a happy healthy epic life! Where they aren’t just surviving, but THRIVING!

Our office is not about sore backs whatsoever! Yes, it is about helping individuals feel like a million bucks, more important is functioning at ones’ full potential and even more important then that is the ability to adapt to the stresses of life. Adapting is the key to thriving!!!

We are all about helping mom’s have the best pregnancy possible. It is vital that mom’s nervous system is operating with as little stress as possible as it creates the nervous system and organs of this new little person. Mom’s pelvis and abdomen is the living environment for the baby.

Much of my practice is working with kids who struggle with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, constipation, bed wetting, chronic ear infections and really just about everything in between.

As I’m sure you know this generation of kids is by far the sickest generation of all times. Kids are on a record high for prescription drugs, medical interventions and therapy sessions. This is not what these kids signed up for!

We are committed to helping as many kids as possible overcome these struggles and find a natural drug-free option to thriving in life.

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Why are we committed to working with pregnant women? During gestation the nervous system plays a vital role in the health of that developing child. Stress experienced by mom during this time can have a domino effect of health issues for baby.

We want to ensure mom has proper structural alignment, which thus ensures baby’s living environment is ideal. When mom’s structural alignment is ideal, her nervous system is able to function as designed. Thus allowing all systems in the body to function properly… digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, etc.

The birth process for baby is stressful regardless. Much of this stress is beneficial for stimulating and activating the nervous system. Additional stress due to interventions or abnormal fetal positioning can have lasting consequences for mother and baby.

The sickest kids I see in my office are those that experienced additional stress during the birthing process. Thus leading to a life time of medical interventions and therapies. We are committed to getting as many kids off this path and preventing even more kids from ever getting on this path.

So it’s NOT about sore backs at all, but about ensuring the nervous system functions and adapts to its environment.


Pediatric Chiropractic care

Children need chiropractic care too!

Dr. James Peterson

Don’t just survive, THRIVE!!

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