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Yes, constipation can be common in infants and kiddos, but that does not mean it is normal!!

A lot of times constipation can be viewed as nutritional or dietary issues.  Which then has parents doing elimination diets, adding in additional supplements, or even medications.  And yes, food intolerances and additional dietary needs can be a factor.  But, they are most definitely not the only cause!

One key factor a lot of parents don’t know to check out FIRST is how the brain and body are communicating.  A system that is stressed out or stuck on the gas pedal struggles to fluctuate to the rest and digest mode that is so important for our bodies to function optimally.  Making it difficult for the body to eliminate and digest even the most basic and healthy foods.

So, if instead of changing diets, adding in prune juice or miralax and we FIRST focus on the communication between the brain and body, we might potentially be able to avoid those changes all together or have to implement much less in order to see the benefit.

In our office we are able to first identify the stress in the nervous system and then through safe and effective adjustments the body is able to communicate more efficiently!

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