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Thrive Family Chiropractic, LLC Reviews

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What Our Springfield Patients Say

At Thrive Family Chiropractic, LLC we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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The smiling faces at the front is what really sets you all apart from other local chiropractors. Of course Dr. James is incredible too, but Jerricka was so helpful our first time when I had to bring my 3 kiddos by myself and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the help.

~Emerson W.

After seeing that multiple medications were not helping with my 1 year old son’s asthma, I started taking him to see Dr. James and it has made all the difference! He went from having 3 attacks (that required multiple doses of inhaled steroids) in less than 2 months, to his body naturally calming itself before reaching the point of having an attack! Dr. James always puts forth effort to make sure my son feels comfortable every visit, I highly recommend him!

~Kaitlin F.

They have gone above and beyond to help my newborn with colic! We have seen huge improvements in a short time. Dr. James and Jessica make the office very family friendly and my older child likes to go there to play in the waiting area while the baby gets adjusted.

~Megan G.

I was THOROUGHLY impressed with your office! Jessica and Dr. James are incredibly kind and patient people. The office is very kid-friendly, which helped me since I had two children under three with me. Jessica and Dr. James are very knowledgeable and helpful and very thorough with explanations/answers to my questions. I’m looking forward to getting my other son scheduled for adjustments as well as myself and my husband even mentioned “it might even benefit me.” It’s difficult to get him in-board with anything outside of main-stream! Your office is fabulous! So glad I found you!

~Elizabeth D.

Excellent chiropractor, especially for children. Dr James and his wife are so passionate, kind and helpful. His gentle approach to adjustments was just what my family needed. Highly recommend his services and informative workshops!

~Mandie F. 

I am so excited I found Thrive Family Chiropractic! I am 18 weeks pregnant with my second child and I have had a lot of issues with SI joint pain. Most days it was extremely painful to walk and I was unable to do anything else like play on the floor with my two year old. I have been seeing Dr. James regularly for almost two weeks now and I am completely pain free. We even went camping and ran all over the place this weekend with absolutely no pain! It feels so good to be able to sit on the ground and play with my son again!

~Melanie D. 

Honestly, I am amazed that there are so many kinds of Chiropractors! I came to Thrive Family Chiropractic because I had fallen off a ladder and my hip was painfully out of place! Dr. James was able to ‘put me back together’ and not only did he relief the pain my hip was causing me, but he also helped my nervous system to heal my body in so many different ways. Not in any particular order- my seasonal allergies disappeared, My lungs felt like i could actually take deep breaths, I used to suffer with Migraines and headaches ( many a week), dissipated and now gone, my menstrual cycle has been regulated and my flow Normal, I no longer have a stiff neck and I now I am just hoping my anxieties will disappear!

In addition to all the life changing things I figured age has done to me, Dr. James was able to adjust my daughter right out of a deep depression. I cant thank him and his wife Jessica enough for having me come into their office and have my life change for the better. Thank you so much!

~Brittany B. 

I cannot express the gratitude I have for what Dr. James’ care for my son has done for him over the last year and a half. Caleb has come a long way from the very sick and constant sensory seeking child he was at 2. We still have issues of course, but if it wasn’t for Dr. James constant willingness to learn and inquisitive personality, Caleb would not be the outgoing and healthy child he is. He no longer uses steroids to help with the immunity disorder and asthma diagnosis he was given as an infant. We found what he was on, was making him sicker and making his body not have the ability to fight for itself. I saw how the meds were hurting him physically and emotionally. How they seem to have had a lasting effect on his body that we are slowly working out. How they made him feel. And how they had limited his diet. Now not only is he talking fluently and in complete sentences, (he wasn’t when he had turned 3) he can process what’s happening within him and around him, and he can understand what once he could not grasp. He has not had any diet issues since coming off his meds permanently. Dr. James and his practice has been a huge blessing for us. I am grateful for saying no to conventional, behavioral medicine, and generalized behavioral/social isolation diagnosis and instead, choosing to have faith that how we are helping Caleb heal is the best care for him. Caleb is not crawling out of his shell, he is now charging into a new confidence that he can feel better from the inside, out.

~Becca S. 

Dr. James is a miracle worker! My son is like a new baby after just a couple of adjustments. Dr. James is very gentle and always explains what he is doing. They are very family oriented! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

~Melanie K. 

We came to Dr. James hoping to help our 8 year old daughter with her speech. In about a month and half of care her sleeping habits have improved. She has a bedtime of 730-8 and wakes up no matter what, by 6am. Since care was started, she sleeps til 7!!!! That is huge in our house!! Things we had no idea could be helped by Chiropractic Care. We are noticing slight changes in speech, and some people have started to understand her better! Excited to see what the future holds!

~Danielle G. 

I have been going here for my entire pregnancy and it’s been a wonderful experience. My routine adjustments have helped tremendously! Dr. James and his wife, Jessica are always so welcoming and very friendly. I have to bring my two boys with me to all my appointments and their practice is incredibly kid friendly, with toys and coloring books. Highly recommend them!

~Kira J.

I came in to see Dr. James because I was having headaches every single day and I couldn’t stand the amount of medicine I was having to take because of them. I also struggled with severe neck & back pain and could barely move some days. I have been to chiropractors before and they were all the same: very rough, quick-fixers who only address the back/neck pain you are having at that moment. Dr. James is different. He takes the time to explain everything to you, how it is really the nervous system that he is checking and the pain you are having is just a symptom of that not operating efficiently. He is also VERY gentle. Sometimes it almost seems like he isn’t doing anything at all, but you are reaping all of the benefits and can notice a huge difference in a short amount of time. I have had little to no headaches in the few months that I have been seeing Dr. James, have been able to sleep better, and just feel more comfortable knowing that he is taking care of my issues. He is very caring and will answer any questions you can come up with, even ones you have already asked and have forgotten the answer to (which happens often to me!). His wife works the front desk and could not be nicer to talk to! Hands down the best place to seek for your chiropractic care!

~Shawnna D. 

Very pleased with the results I’ve experienced over the last month seeing Dr James for Chiropractic care. I have more energy and zest for life! His office staff is the best – they’re committed and caring! I’m grateful to once again feel motivated about my health. Thank you, Thrive Family Chiropractic.

~Amy M. 

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